Russia Invitation

About the Russia Visa Invitation

In order to travel to Russia, travelers must have a valid Russian visa inside their passport. The first step to obtaining a Russian visa is to get an official invitation from Russia. Tourist visas require an invitation called a "Voucher and Confirmation". This is an official invitation from a Russian hotel or agency. Travisa can obtain tourist vouchers to support Russian tourist visa applications. Business visas require an official invitation from the host company in Russia, authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Russia. Travisa can obtain the official business invitation to support Russian business visa applications.

Why an Invitation is Needed

All Russian visa applications must be submitted with visa support, which is an official invitation from Russia. The visa support invitation is not an invitation letter from a host in Russia; it is a legal document including the traveler's passport information and travel information. The visa support invitation can only be obtained through an authorized agency.

How it Works

Simply complete and submit Travisa's online request form and Travisa will lodge your application to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on your behalf through our partner organization in Russia. We will e-mail the invitation or telex information to you to support your Russian visa application.

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