Russia Invitation

Russia Invitations

Welcome to the Russia Invitation Online Request Form. After filling out this form, Travisa will process the invitation through our partner organization in Russia, and e-mail the invitation to you to support a Russian visa application.

Please note: Russian visas are issued according to the information on the invitation. It is important that the information on the request form must match the traveler's passport and Russian visa needs exactly.

Travisa can process a Tourist Visa Invitation (voucher and confirmation) or a Business Visa Invitation.

A Russian Tourist Visa is required for visitors to Russia who will be staying in a hotel or traveling with a tour group. A Tourist invitation can be issued for a single or double entry, for a maximum period of 30 days to support the Russian visa application.

Tourist Invitation Fees:

  • Same Day Processing - Single Entry - $77.25
  • Same Day Processing - Double Entry - $77.25
  • 24 Hours Processing - Single Entry - $51.50
  • 24 Hours Processing - Double Entry - $51.50
  • *Additional fees may apply based on citizenship
  • Fees will be charged in USD

A Russian Business Visa is required in order to conduct business in Russia such as making sales or establishing contacts on behalf of a company. A Business Invitation can be issued for a single, double or multiple entries, for a maximum period of up to 1 year.

Business Invitation Fees:

  • 7 Days Processing - 1 Month Duration - Single Entry - $199.00
  • 7 Days Processing - 1 Month Duration - Double Entry - $199.00
  • 7 Days Processing - 3 Months Duration - Single Entry - $250.00
  • 7 Days Processing - 3 Months Duration - Double Entry - $250.00
  • 18 Days Processing - 6 Months Duration - Multiple Entry - $350.00
  • 18 Days Processing - 12 Months Duration - Multiple Entry - $350.00

US Citizens Only

  • Next Day Processing - 3 Years Duration - Multiple Entry - $500.00

Please note: If the purpose of journey to Russia is to provide technical services, travel as a crew member, accompanying family member of a business visa holder, and for cultural visits, select "Business Invitation". This type of invitation will support these activities in Russia.